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Floraroma was created in 2006, as a proudly Ecuadorian company known for producing and offering the world, the best export roses form Ecuador. Our farm is located in Cayambe. We have an altitude of 2,785m, privileged site for the cultivation of roses of the highest quality.
Floraroma is composed of three farms with a total area of 68 hectares and 45 hectares in production, with 4’340,280 plans in 74 varieties of roses. For the selection process, we care about our customer preferences and market demand, as well as production requirements. That is why our company is in constant innovation.
Floraroma is characterized by providing stability to its 380 employees who are loyal to the philosophy of producing flowers with the highest standards of quality and service. Without a doubt, our location, as well as the effort, dedication and perseverance of our excellent team, has allowed us to position ourselves in different international markets.
Floraroma always thinks about the benefit of its clients, for this reason, We made several packaging optimization studies getting the most out of the weight / volume ratio, for which our boxes have the perfect measure to guarantee that the product arrives in the best conditions without paying surcharges on the freight.
In order to facilitate communication and provider a first class service, our sales team has the ability to communicate in different languages (English, French, German, and Spanish). We currently have negotiations with countries like: US, Canada, Puerto Rico, Panama, Paraguay, Dominican Republic, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Portugal, Nicaragua, United Kingdom, Spain, Holland, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Russia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Kingdom of Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Thailand and more. We cordially invite you to be part of the Floraroma family…

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