Our History

"Learn more about the beginning of Floraroma S.A."

A couple of young students at the university shared their passion for ecology, soil, nature, and plants while learning to become agricultural engineers. As enthusiastic dreamers, they rented a 108,000 square feet (1 hectare) farm of roses to start a local business in Carchi, located in the North of Ecuador. Both gained much experience and developed roses with high quality for export, leading them to decide to shift their target market and offer their products to international customers.

In 2006, they decided to relocate to Cayambe, an agricultural town, to start a new farm. This region is known for its suitability to grow flowers, with most rose farms situated at the foot of the Cayambe volcano. Since then, the farm has been managed by Andrés and Gloria. Currently, Andrés serves as the operational head of the farm, and Gloria is the CEO. They oversee a 7 million square feet (65 hectares) greenhouse facility for rose production located in Cayambe, Tabacundo, and Ibarra. The farm boasts 84 varieties and employs hundreds of collaborators, all ready to fulfill your requests.